Peru in Photos

I spent 6 months volunteering with Krochet Kids International and traveling in Peru.

Here are some of my favorite shots and memories…

IMG_1958Lake Titicaca || Puno, Peru

IMG_1900My sister Emily came to visit. IMG_2841Pacifico, Lima, Peru || Home to many KKp beneficiaries.

IMG_9917My new friend and self-acclaimed tour guide, George || Belen, Peru

IMG_1813 Krochet Kids atop Machu Picchu Mountain. #hatsonthings

969691_10200895105913532_692983969_n The #sewperu crew.

IMG_1338 KKp 1st annual volleyball tournament.

IMG_9931 Iquitos, Peru

IMG_2253 So grateful for this little street. || Nicolaza, Lima, Peru

IMG_3646 Dunebuggying and sandboarding || Huacachina, Peru

IMG_1826 Our typical Machu Picchu jumping tourist picture.

IMG_6822 Celebrating with my great friends Lucy and Jacque.

IMG_0141 Dancing with the Bora Indians in the Amazon. || Iquitos, Peru

IMG_7004 Bus riding with Angalo, Emmerson, Estrella and Marisol.

IMG_1047 Arequipa, Peru

IMG_7110 Nike We Run Lima 10K with my dad.

IMG_1371 Champions of 1st annual KKp Volleyball Tournament.

IMG_0688 Colca Canyon, Peru

IMG_9905 Belen, Peru

IMG_6309 Dana and Annie enjoying the ride home in Hank, the VW Van.

IMG_3798 Sunrise || Huaraz, Peru

IMG_0921 Sunrise || Chivay, Peru

IMG_0403 Sunrise || Amazon River

IMG_4137 Last day with my buddies.

IMG_2968 Carmen’s son, Marco, performing folkloric dancing at school.

IMG_4743 Celebrating my 23rd birthday.

IMG_1378 Tyler being Tyler.

IMG_3963 Made it to the top of Huayna Picchu.

IMG_9578 Leonor and Ericka were two of my best friends at KKp.

IMG_2846 A typical housing situation.

IMG_3637 Letting go || Huacachina, Peru

IMG_2485 This little nugget, Estrella, brought me so much joy.

IMG_1571 Emily is the best travel companion.

IMG_2508 Pauly Paul

IMG_3302 One of the main modes of transportation, combis. IMG_2464

Carmen is a knitting expert.

IMG_0261 I hate snakes…when in Rome? || Iquitos, Peru

IMG_7324 Dana, the quirkiest of roommates.

IMG_1420 My nightly run view. || Lima, Peru

IMG_4836 My Peruvian mom and best friend, Chabella.


A day on the Amazon River. 

IMG_2806 I love this community.

IMG_3872 Lake Charup and KKp + Vans || Huaraz, Peru IMG_2321

Buy a hat, change a life.

IMG_6859 Learning how to knit with Chabella.

IMG_2500 Lunch time chats. IMG_4075

A great friend and mentor, Blake Goodfellow.

IMG_9844 View from Iquitos to Belen.

IMG_2772 A sibling bond unlike any I have ever seen.

IMG_9936 Visiting with George’s family.

IMG_0441 Iquitos, Peru

IMG_1118 Some of the best people I know.

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